Muslims Hands France: 1000 Food Packets in Rohingya, Water for Pakistan, Food for Nepal


The village of Tarkeswari, 15 km from Kathmandu, has been destroyed to 90 % by the earthquakes.

After an in-depth study of the needs, Muslim hands has offered 75 food parcels and 75 hygiene kits to victims.

Muslim Hands team has promised emergency accommodation in the very near future.

Muslim Hands thanks to the donors, “Your donations at ‪Nepal have made this possible.”


Simultaneously, In Mirpur, located in the North-East of Pakistan, Muslim hands fight against failures.

The organization distributed, in a public school for girls, sports clothing, uniforms, school books and notebooks. Poor students benefited from this donation.

Added to this is the construction of a water tank of more than 7000 liters.


MHF has also contributed to the distribution of more than a thousand of food pantry bags, and hygyène clothing in the camps around Rakhine. Access to drinking water has also been put in place by the digging of wells. The installation of latrines has also enabled the preservation of decent sanitary conditions.