‘Muslim Aid’ Joins Hand with ‘His Church Charity’

‘Muslim Aid’ Joins Hand with ‘His Church Charity’

Massive Humanitarian works are carried out by Muslim Aids in war torn regions, especially Iraq  

In an incredible display of interfaith cooperation and humanitarian partnership, Muslim Aidm headquartered in London joined hands with His Church Charity UK as part of a relief drive to look after and care for the homeless people.


The joint venture was in part to promote The Warm Hearts Winter Campaign by Muslim Aid. It has been an enormous success and continues to get massive amounts of support from local communities.


An estimated 30,000 people died in the UK last year due to cold weather. This is a huge loss of life that could have been avoided, which is why Muslim Aid initiated the Warm Hearts Winter Campaign. As part of the campaign, people donate warm clothing and blankets to homeless people and the elderly. They also provide them with easy to consume edibles to keep them full and warm during the chilly weather. The goal is to help them survive the winter season so they can welcome summer with open arms.


By teaming with His Church Charity UK, Muslim Aid was able to reach more people in different communities and regions within the United Kingdom.


Together, both organizations visited various homeless support centers in different communities and distributed sleeping bags to the homeless. The venture was a huge success.


Already, the two organizations are in line to work with Streetlytes UK where they will provide winter warm kits to homeless and to all those who need it.


Besides the above service, the Muslim Aid, since 2012, rehabilitated two schools in Anbar, Iraq, which has an intake of 1,600 students. With these repairs, students were given a learning space that was previously unfit for purpose, as well as materials and furniture.


Additionally, all water and sanitation hygiene (WASH) facilities were improved for the benefit of the students.


In addition, Muslim Aid Iraq was the first to respond to this humanitarian situation, coming to the aid of thousands of internally displaced Iraqis.


Working in Samarra, Salah al din province, Muslim Aid has distributed packs of essential items, including 3,000 blankets, 3,000 mattresses and hundreds of cooking implements, hygiene packs and jerrycans for water and fuel. These relief packs have been given to over 3,500 people, many of whom have found themselves living in abandoned buildings, schools, mosques, trucks and tents following the surge in violence earlier this month.


Muslim Aid Iraq was the first organization to reach the town of Al Alam in Tikrit, where many are now returning to after fleeing the instability there. Having fled their homes, many of Al Alam’s residents found themselves living in tents, derelict buildings and even vehicles after the surge in violence and instability.


Muslim Aid has carried out an assessment of the needs of the people in Al Alam, and will be sending a humanitarian assistance convoy to help the returnees to resettle.


Prior to this recent outbreak of violence, Muslim Aid has been carrying out a number of projects in Iraq to help its displaced people.


In partnership with UNHCR, Muslim Aid has implemented projects in water and sanitation, rehabilitation, livelihoods and providing shelter for those who have left their homes.


These projects are currently taking place in the provinces of Babylon, Baghdad, Diyala, Kirkuk, Salah ad-din, Nineveh and Anbar.



Source: https://www.muslimaid.org/media-centre/blog/muslim-aid-joins-hand-with-his-church-charity-uk-/