LRD: Primary and Secondary School Books Donated to Schools in Mogadishu Somalia

Life for Relief and Development (LRD), in partnership with Brother’s Brother Foundation and the American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa, delivered a 40 foot shipping container of primary and secondary school books to schools in Mogadishu Somalia, which were donated by McGraw-Hill Publishing.
Life, in cooperation with its partners, distributed the books to 7 schools in Banadir, Bari and Lower Shabelle Regions of Somalia. In Banadir region books were given to the following primary and intermediate schools: Taysiir, Moalim Addow, Imam Nawawi, Banadir and Salman Al-Farisi. In Lower Shabelle books were given to Abimusa Al-Ashcari primary and secondary school and in Bari books were given to Omer bin Abdulasis primary and secondary school. Nearly 4,400 students and staff members benefitted from the project.
The recipient students and teachers were all very happy to receive the books to enhance the learning experience of the students. They all thanked and praised the donors for the gift of books that they received.