Islamic Relief USA Feeding  and Sheltering the Most Vulnerable in Nepal


Islamic Relief USA is providing 500 meal packages and more than 700 tents to those affected by the recent Gorkha earthquake in Nepal.


More than 7000 Nepalis have been reported dead and millions of others are homeless or displaced. At times of such destruction, it’s critical for humanitarian aid organizations and agencies to get on the ground, assess the needs of the people, prioritize the emergency response and collaborate with other NGO’s so as not to duplicate efforts and waste valuable resources.


Generous Islamic Relief USA donors have already contributed  $110,000 USD to provide a one week supply of food to 4,500 households in four of the most affected districts of Nepal: Dhading, Gorkha (the earthquake epicenter),


Lamjung and Sindhupalchowk. Each food package contains the following for a family of five: rice, dal, oil, biscuits, noodles, salt and a Matchbox. Five-hundred food packages have already reached the most vulnerable people in Sindhupalchowk. The remaining food packages are scheduled for delivery in the coming days.


IRUSA Disaster Response Team Director W. Derrick Lea said that local residents were really grateful for the help, as they usually keep a couple of weeks supply of food during this time of year to prepare for the monsoon season and many lost everything during the earthquake.


“Even though the people of Nepal have in many cases lost all their material goods, they have a spirit that you can’t help but be encouraged by observing their fortitude in these difficult times,” he said.


For more protection from the rains and due to the impending monsoon season, Islamic Relief USA has also provided over 700 household tents, which will be set up by the middle of May. Islamic Relief continues to call upon people of conscious to help those in need in Nepal, by learning more about the emergency relief efforts.