Islamic Relief Organization distributes SR7 million to orphans in Sudan


The International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) of Muslim World League (MWL) has distributed seven million riyals as dues for its sponsored orphans in the Republic of the Sudan, from which 11,331 male and female orphans were benefited.


During a ceremony prepared for this occasion, the officials at the Saudi Embassy in Khartoum and the orphans’ relatives have expressed appreciation to the Organization and the Saudi people for their diverse aid to the poor segment all over Sudan.


On the occasion, the IIRO Secretary General Ihsan bin Saleh Tayyip said that those allocations disbursed by the Organization for these orphans have left a major impact on the hearts of the beneficiaries, and their relatives who have confirmed that this great humanitarian edifice (IIRO) constitutes a wide presence in all parts of Sudan whereas it gives the poor and needy its various assistance and stand by them in all situations of adversity.


The International Islamic Relief Organization, Saudi Arabia (IIROSA) is a charity organization emanating from the Muslim World League (MWL) and functions internationally. It was founded following a decision adopted at the 20th session of the Constituent Council of the Muslim World League in the year 1398H (1978), and a royal approval in 1399H (1979).


The vision of IIROSA is to be a humanitarian and charity authoritative source, donors’ first choice, and to care for endowment and professional investment to implement its projects and programs of society development, via qualified human resources and strategic alliances.