Islamic Relief and the African Union sign MOU for fighting poverty in Africa

IR and AU signed a trailblazing agreement to work together to reduce poverty and the impact of disasters in Africa.

A Memorandum of Understanding, signed today in Ethiopia’s capital city, marks the beginning of a formal partnership for cooperation between the international NGO Islamic Relief  and the African Union, which consists of 54 member states.

Dr Mohammed Ashmawey, CEO of Islamic Relief Worldwide, said: “Thirty years ago, Islamic Relief helped save lives in famine-stricken Sudan. In the decades since, we have developed extensive programmes to alleviate suffering and lift people across the continent out of poverty. However, there remain many more who require help.

“Partnering with the African Union is therefore a momentous step forward toward our shared goal to eradicate poverty and reduce the impact of disasters on the continent’s most vulnerable communities.”

At the signing ceremony in Addis Ababa, Islamic Relief chair Ibrahim El Zayat and trustee Tahir Salie, who chairs our African Development Committee, were joined by Yusuf Ahmed, regional director of East Africa and the country director of Ethiopia, Omar Ibrahim.

Yusuf Ahmed, Regional Director for Islamic Relief, added: “This formal agreement will see Islamic Relief working with the African Union to shape innovative poverty-relieving policies and to deliver sustainable development which transforms communities.

“It will see collaboration and expertise-sharing on vital disaster preparedness, and will add momentum to financial inclusion interventions which empower poor families to escape the poverty trap. We have also pledged to work closely together on key issues including climate change, urbanisation and youth development.”

Today’s announcement follows a series of high-level meetings between Islamic Relief and the African Union.

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