IRUSA distributes Food and Medical stuff in Yemen


Islamic Relief staff in Yemen are distributing aid sent by Islamic Relief USA donors—food to displaced families and medical supplies to overwhelmed clinics.

Since March 19, violence has escalated dramatically in Yemen. An Islamic Relief staff member based in Sana’a said this situation is the worst he’s ever experienced there.

“Even before the recent violence, Yemen was in crisis, but this has now moved to another level,” he said. “People are living in fear of their lives and with no electricity, very little fuel and food prices escalating. They are really struggling to get by. The level of suffering is almost overwhelming.”

The United Nations said at least 150,000 people had been displaced by April 17, and only 10 days ater, the number had more than doubled.

Electricity, water and fuel shortages are critical, and medical centers are overwhelmed. Food is among the greatest needs. By mid-April, in some communities, wheat flour was no longer available and all bakeries had closed down.

Islamic Relief’s Yemen office currently has 100 staff members working on the ground. They began distributing food packages on April 11, and packages donated by U.S. donors began reaching families in need in the northern governorate of Amran April 20. IRUSA’s food packages are expected to help 7,000 people. Packages include staples like flour, rice, beans, noodles, sugar and cooking oil—enough for a family for two weeks to a month.

Medical aid is another top priority. The World Health Organization reported April 21 that the health care system is facing “imminent collapse.” Hospitals are struggling to care for injured people amid dire shortages of medicines and vital supplies—supplies like the ones now arriving from U.S. donors in Aden. The life-saving medical supplies are expected to help 4,000 people at three government hospitals in Aden governorate.

The United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs reported on the Islamic Relief family’s work in its April 13 update.

Islamic Relief Yemen was founded in Yemen in 1998 and has been implementing projects in Yemen for 10 years, focusing on three areas: Relief and Emergency Response; Orphan and Child Welfare; and Development Programs. Islamic Relief’s Yemen office has established good relationships with the community members and leaders through implementing seasonal projects, food security projects, safety net, food-for-work and cash-for-work projects. To date, Islamic Relief has helped more than 1.2 million people in Yemen.

Thank you for responding to help the people of Yemen during this crisis.

The needs are great, so please spread the word and continue to remember them in your prayers and your charity.