IHH begins distributing Bread to 14000 Families in Gaza


IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation started a project involving distribution of free bread to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.


The Gazans are living in very hard conditions due to the blockade imposed by Israel. Therefore IHH has started a campaign to deliver free bread to the people for one month.


The Zakat office under Ministry of Waqf will carry out the delivery of bread to 14000 families in Gaza. The campaign will run for one month and cover all neighbourhoods in Gaza.


The bread packages will contain 50 pita breads special to Palestine. Each family will receive one to two packages daily. The packages prepared by IHH has already been distributed in the following Gazan neighbourhoods: Rafah, Khan Younus, Dar al-Belah, Centre, Jabwaliya, Beit Hanoun and Beyt Lahya.