ICNA Relief’s Disaster Response Team Deploys To Illinois Following Deadly Tornado Outbreak

ICNA Relief USA’s Disaster Response Team as been deployed to Illinois after massive tornadoes ripped through the northern part of the state. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are suffering due to last night’s tornadoes in northern Illinois in rural and small-town communities.  Those who knew what to do were prepared and responded to the imminent danger by seeking a safe location.  Still, the tornado’s impact did cause one person’s death.

We pray for their community’s recovery, especially for those who may not have strong family support or the financial means.  Even though many elderly citizens homes may be paid for, with reduced incomes many cannot afford hazard insurance and may need financial assistance to recover.  Young families are often living from paycheck to paycheck and will struggle to replace their household and personal belongings.  ICNA Relief is praying that Muslims in neighboring communities, across the state of Illinois, and in neighboring states will reach out to those who need help right now.

ICNA Relief USA’s Disaster Relief Services (DRS) is asking for financial donations to assist those suffering due to this disaster.

We are also reminding Muslims in Illinois of the importance of being prepared, as an individual, a family, and a local-ummah.  We hope to find you actively involved in disaster preparedness workshops scheduled in your area.  We hope to find you actively involved in our Disaster Relief Services Program which connects Muslims to the existing disaster-related system.