Recognizing that the solutions to community crises are best implemented closest to the ground, ICNA Relief volunteers are in Baltimore working hand in hand with local community leaders to provide support to families impacted by the damages.

Hundreds of senior citizens could not access basic groceries and toiletries, burned apartment complexes left dozens of families homeless and several small businesses were completely destroyed.

ICNA Relief USA Disaster Response team on their way to Baltimore & curretnly still on the ground working with imams & other community leaders. This is how some of the team members helped so far:

“We just came back from Baltimore. It was a memorable trip. When we got to the affected area, we could see & feel the tension. We met Imam Hassan from Downtown Baltimore Masjid with ICNA Relief USA Chairman Mohsin Ansari and Br.Saad along with 12 volunteers. Since all shops were closed down in fear of riots, Elderly homes & shelters were unable to get toiletries and groceries. We visited 2 such places in affected areas. When we were distributing food in the elderly home, they were extremely happy, & grateful for our efforts. Insha’allah our Disaster Relief team will arrive in one or two days. I hope you’ll pray for our volunteers that worked in such an environment where at least 3 dozen cops were a block away waiting for the demonstration to go through without any riots breaking out,”   said Moviz Siddiqi of ICNA Relief.


Source: http://icnarelief.org/site3/index.php  and