Human Appeal International Pakistan: Model Village Established, the project to install solar-powered water plants at seven places at Tharparkar completed

A model village has been established by The Human Appeal International, Pakistan (HAI-Pak) at Rahim Yar Khan. This village shall provide shelter to the victims of the flood in the area almost 4 years back. The victims will be rehabilitated in this model village.


The village “Basti Eman” was provided with basic necessities, including 40 permanent houses, paved paths, a community center, clean drinking water, school, mosque and financial support to select people for income generation.


In the further development, HAI-Pak has successfully completed the first phase of solar-powered water pumping project at Tharparkar to provide clean drinking water to around ten thousand people, living in abject conditions due to recurrent droughts and state apathy. Completed in a record period of three months, the project targeted seven villages at Tehsil Islamkot and installed state of the art technology to bring about a new life style to the area, characterized by health consciousness and respite for womenfolk in particular, fatigued due to over work and neglect. Keeping in view the sizzling heat in the area, five to ten poli-solar panels of 250 watt apiece were installed at every project site to ensure that weather conditions do not affect the performance of the pumps at any point in time. Moreover, 600 liters capacity water tanks in every case were also installed to cope with the rising demand for clean water. Each pump was provided with the services of a trained technician as well to ensure that it is maintained and run by professional hands. It needs to be recalled that introduction of the solar technology at such a scale is unprecedented in Tharparkar and has received huge appreciation for its effectiveness and durability. Apart from fulfilling the requirement of a large populace, it has also made available enough water to quench the thirst of flocks after flocks of animals and birds in the area. The villages which benefitted from the initiative included Dharam, Libbo, Mehari, Suray and Mataro Sond. In the second phase of the project, many more villages will be provided with the facility with an aim to bring about a real quality change in lives.


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