Helping Hands USA distributes Food and Medicine to 3000 in Nepal


50 Food Packages distributed among surviving earthquake families by HHRD Emergency Team. Please donate towards Nepal Earthquake Relief, the damage is immense and the need is great.


In Nepal emergency relief response is sponsored by Helping Hands ( USA) and organized by ISN (Nepal). It benefited to some 100 deprived families after the devastating earthquake at Sangam Tol, Changunarayan, Bhaktapur district.


Priot to it, the Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) Rehabilitation team has visited the Nepal Orthopedic hospital.The HHRD Physical therapist completed need assessments and has provided knee immobilizers, cervical collar, knee supports, ankle supports, and shoulder supports according to the needs of the patients.


Helping Hand is continuously working in different areas of Nepal providing as much help as possible to earthquake victims.


Their teams have provided medical services to over 1,300 individuals, physical rehabilitation for over 2,800 individuals and have distributed food packages to over 1,500 individuals. Medical supplies have also been given to neighboring hospitals and hygiene kits to families.