Hayrat Humanitarian Aid’s Quran Campaign in Africa 

Cost of Each School Aid is TRY1500


The first stop of the Quran campaign held by the Hayrat Humanitarian Association will be Sudan.


Having always striven to survive within exploitation and poverty throughout its history, the African continent also experience this sad scene of poverty on the way of enlightenment. There is not even a single Quran available in majority of Muslim regions, villages, and towns located in this continent. While the whole village people make use of a single Quran of the village, the young students in the village learn from that single Quran of the village.


The Muslim people in Africa learn Quran by their own system despite all the challenges they face with on the way of enlightenment.  There are written the ayahs and hadiths on the wooden boards called ‘Luh’ and these will not be erased until they are learned by heart. When the memorization is completed, the board is erased, and new lessons are written on the board. As there is not a Quran for every student with they can exercise for memorization, their studies are maintained through this system.


Hayrat Aid Association paves the way for providing chances for the students who are studying science with impossibilities with their Quran campaign. The target of the campaign which will be first initiated in Sudan, eventually is the whole Africa. The campaign price for each of the Qurans to be distributed to all these educational institutions, especially the schools and the orphanages, is TRY 15,00.

Elifba juzes (parts) are also included in the campaign against a price of TRY 1,00.