Hayrat Aid’s 100 Aid Trucks Departing from All the Cities in Turkey


Hayrat Aid continues to stand by Syrian people.  Having identified the essential and primary requirements of Syrian people and helped meet these requirements so far under the campaign “I Need You,” Hayrat Aid is getting ready to make 100 Aid Trucks arrived at the land of their oppressed brothers.


While Turkish charitable volunteers have been hope to Syrian people with the aid trucks they have prepared in their own cities, the 100th Aid Truck will be prepared with the support of Turkey. Considering the immediate requirements of Syria, the flour was determined to be the requirement of top priority in the prepared truck because there has been recently placed an embargo on such food products as flour to make it hard for the people to meet their needs for bread. The goal is to deliver 25 tons of flour on the 100th Aid Truck to ensure that the people will be less affected by such embargo.

Hayrat makes an appeal in order to get public support for smooth humanitarian aid to less fortunate people, “You can type UN and send it as SMS to 3674, and you can donate TRY 5,00 at a time, or you can donate online as much as you wish.”