German Syrian Association works for Displaced Syrian Children in Aleppo

Members of the German Syrian Association are pleased to be able to show the first pictures of Association’s children’s Centre in Aleppo.

The association expresses thanks to generous donors. An old Arab House could be rebuilt and established child-friendly.

A Video of this event has been posted on their official Facebook account.

Recently, the children’s Center has recorded the operation. The children have the opportunity to be a child again and to be able to play there.

In addition to painting, dancing and theatre play the children are cared psychologically. Also their families receive educational, psycho-social and therapeutic support.

The Centre is at the same time learning and Cultural Centre for the children. A small library with children and youth literature has been set up already, as a cinema.

The Centre helps children to handle their war experiences. It strengthens them, gives them hope and strength for the future.
The organization has created a “place of hope” for the children.

The organizations requested to help in order to  expand the Centre with its maintenance.