From the community: Caring for mothers, babies and children IFMCH fundraising event

Chicago IL (Report Syed Khalil Ullah) a Wonderful Fundraising Dinner hosted by well-known business man and social worker Mr. Pervez Osman and International Foundation for Mother and Child Health (IFMCH) on 18 April 2015 and attended by a large number of members of Pakistani Muslim Community in Mezban Restaurant Villa Park. The dinner was held to raise funds towards the construction of the first free IFMCH Mother and Child Hospital in Mirpur-Sakro, 55 miles from Karachi
MS Zeba Bakhtiar (Brand Ambassador) also joins the event. The program started with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. The host of the program introduced Mr. Dr. Saleem Ullah Khan (Chairman IFMCH) in opening remarks. Dr. Saleem Ullah Khan is the founder and chairperson of the Foundation. He also explains we are here for such a great cause for Mother and Child Health. I am requesting everyone to participate in his organization. He also invited Dr. Saleem Ullah Khan to explain his upcoming project.
Dr. Saleem Ullah Khan said in his speech “We are an international charity dedicated to saving lives by promoting best practice in health sector in Pakistan focusing on mother and child health. Our mission is to reduce maternal and child mortality in Pakistan and improve life expectancy for mothers and children through increased awareness of personal health among young mothers to be, improvement in community knowledge and attitudes towards mother and child health, training for health care providers, and expansion in access to health services through a state of the art maternal hospital to serve as a center of excellence”.
IFMCH are making pregnancy and childbirth safer in Pakistan, by improving local healthcare systems, ensuring clinics are well-equipped with the medicine they need, and that health workers are trained and informed about the best approaches. In rural and disadvantaged communities of Pakistan – where most preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths occur -survival still poses a huge challenge for women and their children.
Tragically, mothers are dying at high rates – the latest figures show 500 maternal deaths per 100,000 births. Without a mother, babies are also dying. Health facilities in these areas are often unavailable or poorly run, with a lack of essential life-saving supplies and well-trained health workers.
Most of these deaths – both maternal and newborn – are preventable with the help of evidence-based and affordable solutions. We’re providing more accessible and better quality healthcare by delivering essential training for health workers and improving health centers – all of which is needed to save lives.
Save the Children works closely with public and private healthcare providers to build partnerships that strengthen healthcare systems for mothers and newborns.
We’re also working with the entire community – women, men and religious leaders – to increase understanding and use of healthcare systems. I have been working as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Europe and England since last 17 years. Dr Saleem Khan was involved. In the Earth Quake relief work in 2005 in Kashmir since than Dr. Khan has been working for well-being of Mothers and Children. The foundation is a registered charity in England, Wales and USA. The Charity is based on three pillars
(1) Set up state of art Free Hospital (2), Train health care professionals, (3), Education of Masses
IFMCH are in the process to set up state of art women and children hospital in Mirpur Sakro Sindh (55 Miles). Mirpur Sakro It is one of the Teluka of Thatta district the exact population is not known as most are Kachi Abadis. Altogether Mirpur Sakro and adjoining area the population is thought to be in the region of around 25000-40,000 Most of the people belong to low social class with very basic facilities. The hospital will be a 150 bedded Hospital. It will have maternity, gynecology, pediatric, and neonatal medicine neonatal surgical and children psychiatric departments. The hospital will be developed in 6 phases in approximately 6 years with the estimated cost of $ 4 Million US dollar. The cost of one pregnancy in Pakistan is $1000.
The “keynote” speech at this event was delivered by Legendary actress Ms. Zeba Bakhtiar (Brand Ambassador of IFMCH) she said I am fully supporting this organization and Dr Saleem Khan. I visited village to village, city to city. Women are suffering allover in Pakistan. In Pakistan some places women are not consider as a human. When women died men always get new wife but children always suffering. In Pakistan Women don’t know they can’t carry weight when they are pregnant. We need to educate these women. I would like to every one for participating and supporting our cause. Your money will change or safe lots of lives specially mothers, babies and children. IFMCH will spend your every amount to women and children.
Hosted of the program Mr. Pervez Osman thanks everyone for participating and supporting wonderful cause. Foundation Collected More than $20,000 on the event. Mr. Osman said lots of People not come to this event but they already send donations and supports. Mr. Osman informed to audience we will open permanent chapter for (IFMCH) for continues support and Caring for mothers, babies and children in Pakistan. Hameed Ullah Khan, Shazed Ahmed, Rana Javad and Many others become Volunteers for (IFMCH) for Chicago Chapter.
The event ended with sumptuous Dinner.

picture: from left side Pervez Osman, unknown, Ahmed, Zeba Bakhtiar,Dr. Saleem Ullah Khan, Shehazad ahmed, Hameed Ullah Khan