Baraka City organization will distribute 5 tons Dates and 1600 Food kits in Mauritania


More than 5 tons of Saudi dates for Muslims of ‪Mauritania will be distributed during ‪Ramadhan 2015. This is a food which is considered luxurious by poor.


The organization decide to distribute dates because of its value and important nutrient intake during this month.


Further food kits will feed entire families during the month of Ramadhan. This is only the beginning of the wonderful adventure‪ of Ramadhan 2015 that Barakacity prepare.

The organization express gratitude to the donors, “These are your donations! May Allah reward you!
Continue to support barakacity, we are only a single body.”


1600 food kits that will be distributed in 4 regions of ‪Mauritania have arrived on the site of distribution. The aid will allow families to begin their month of Ramadhan in good conditions.