About Us

Balanced News

Balance in an unbalanced world

Our vision: A world in which newspapers and TV news networks encourage people to form well reasoned and balanced opinions, and to act on them.

Our first mission:

To counter-balance the stream of negative press reports about “Muslim extremists and terrorists”. We aim to do this by collecting and promoting positive news stories about Muslim organizations saving and improving the lives of vulnerable people. Muslims do more good, per head of population, than any other group on earth and we aim to let people know that.

Our symbol is the Scales of Justice.

Law Courts work by allowing advocates to present the evidence for and against any given case. This approach enables judge and jury to ‘weigh the evidence’ and to come to a sound decision. The UK Parliament, The US Senate and other law making institutions around the world all work by having two sides put the arguments for and against a proposed law to help the voting members weigh the arguments and decide whether the law will be made. We are enabling the same process by showing the negative stories that are published in the mainstream media and also the positive stories that have been verified by UN agencies and other reliable sources.

Our aims:

To raise the spirits and the morale of ordinary Muslims in cities around the world. Every day these good people see and read negative articles about their faith. Because the facts are usually correct and because the atrocities are committed by organizations with Islamic names, ‘Islamic State’, Students (Taliban) and other ‘Islamists’, this has a corrosive effect on individual and community morale. Low morale naturally causes people and entire communities to become closed and uncommunicative. Outsiders see this as a refusal to criticise or condemn the perpetrators and this makes the situation worse.

Good morale is a game changer

We aim to raise the morale of these good people by letting them see every day a list of articles showing the number of lives saves and enhanced by Muslims that week. We will find appropriate ways to show the facts: For example, in a given week, 10 innocent people were killed by so called Muslim terrorists and 10,000 innocent lives were saved by Muslim Charitable organizations. To show people the good works that Muslims do. Opening eyes and minds to engage in constructive discussion with Muslim community members and leaders.